Hey, this is me!

So this is my “other” website, the unofficial portfolio, my digital playground, a creative development blog and most of all the creative graveyard of moi – Johanna Meijer. And who am I? Well, I am your typical old, white, female – a rather average 3D Generalist who is suffering from the Imposter Syndrome and have been creatively dead since many years.

Currently the portfolio only shows my professional work and that is a problem because everything I show is the work of many people and my part is just a tiny part that really does not stand out. I want to change that by adding more of my personal projects. Problem is I have been too exhausted and creatively dead for many years to do any of my own work when I get home from work. Hopefully that will change in the future so stay tuned! I am currently looking for a new job so in between job application I do have more time 🙂


Experience & Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
AutoDesk Maya
Chaos Group V-Ray
Headus UVlayout
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Pixology Zbrush
Foundry Nuke
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Animate
Swedish: Fluent
English; Fluent
Danish: Conversational
French: Half-dead
German: Dead
Film Name Dropping: Encyclopedic Genius
Time Optimism: Everything Can be Done In Night
Love for The Arts: Inspiration is EVERYTHING!
Thirst For Beer: Always
Morbid Sense of Humor
Traffic Danger: I have no driver's licence


3D Generalist

Experienced 3D Generalist specialising in texturing, shading with with wish to know more about lighting. Aside from my specialization I have a strong foundation and interest in the entire pipeline, and a traditional background, studying fine arts and drawing.is.


I have always had a passion for working with images and the digital tools that exists today are creating new imagery and new ways of percieving them. I have more of personal work in the blog part of this site. You are more than welcome to have a look.

Web Design

I have worked as a web designer for several years. Initially I am a web AD but the technical side of the work has always appealed to me. To apply a technical solution to a graphical work in order to make the ultimate presenation has always appealed to me.