Nordic TD Forum 2018

It looks like it is time for another Nordic TD Forum Conference! After taking a hiatus for 5 tears it is finally back. NTDF t is a conference for Technical Directors and high end CG artists, giving them an opportunity to meet face to face, exchange know-how, discuss problems, evaluate possible solutions and optimize ways of working. In short… to learn from each others’ experiences. Below is a brief list of previous NTDF Conferences.

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NTDF 2013 – Helsinki, Finland

NTDF 2013 introduced Producers’ Forum (PF) that run parallel with NTDF regular confernce. The purpose of PF is to create a playground for CG producers to meet and network across studies and countries, in the same way as NTDF creates a platform for regional TDs to meet. Also this year we had speakers from Disney and Rovio plus Master Classes, “hands-on” workshops.

NTDF 2012 – Reykjavik, Iceland

NTDF 2012 offered a unique opportunity to combine high end CG learning with fantastic Icelandic nature. We welcomed some of the best speakers from the industry. Studios like PIXAR, DreamWorks and Sony Imageworks will line up next to strong Nordic players like Anima Vitae, Filmkameratene and Wil Film.
This year’s speciality was the hands-on master classes allowing participants to learn from the best of the best!

NTDF 2011 – Copenhagen, Denmark

We looked forward to welcoming speakers from renowned international studios such as DreamWorks and Sony Imageworks as well as strong Nordic players like  Anima Vitae, Filmkameratene, Storm Studios, Ghost and Duckling. This year we have again tried hard to focus on high end technical talks spiced up with bits of eye candy and production challenges we are confident NTDF2011 participants will find interesting.

And due to the fantastic opportunity to stay over-night at the hostel – for free – we have created the perfect  networking basis.

NTDF 2009 –  Helsinki, Finland

We were looking forward to welcoming speakers from renowned companies such as Pixar, Image Engine, Anima Vitae, Storm Studios, Filmkameratene and others. Covering titles and topics of great interest for our target audience. 2009 we also introduced chrunchtime sessions dealing with particular shots, problems and challenges encountered during various productions – NOT the usual type of speak!

And last but not least we should not forget the networking aspect of the event… with a special salutation to the Finnish nature – sauna and icy sea bathing for those who dared

NTDF 2008 – Copenhagen, Denmark

We had speaks on pre-selected topics from different renowned companies such as Pixar, Disney, Framestore, MPC, Anima Vitae etc. There was be open workshops on related topics and of course meeting up and sharing knowledge with other Nordic people. One of this year’s topics was e.g. be “Different lighting/rendering approaches for animated feature films”.

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