Fundamentals for Environment Design

So this summer Рthe summer of 2017,  I took an online course in Fundamentals for Environment Design at The Computer Graphics Master Academy (CGMA).

Fundamentals for Environment Design is a course about what creates a compelling environment from the ground up. The course explores fundamentals such as perspective, drawing , storytelling, painting, creating atmosphere, establishing lighting and how we can combine all these different elements for a full scene.

It was an intense couple of¬† weeks with loads of drawing and sketching despite not always have the time or energy for it. But I am so happy I took the course. All the feedback I got was relevant and constructive and I am so much better for it. I can’t say I am super happy with my sketches but I have to see them as a learning process and hopefully in the future there will be more time (and energy) for more environment sketches.

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